We recently took the time to visit one of the local attractions - Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  A visit to any botanic garden is like a trip to the candy store, especially because you can virtually always find something in bloom and blooming things are one of Larry's favorite photo subjects.  The trip at the end of May found the daylilies still spectacular.  So be warned that there are several shots of this variety in the gallery.

We also visited the Japanese garden area of the botanic garden and found it delightful even though it was not filled with blooming flowers.


Hope you enjoy the photos.  We will try to add to the gallery to show what is blooming at other times of the year.


Contrasting Colors

Bright and muted together.

Delicate Salmon

Quiet Spot

A quiet spot for reflection. The Koi are on patrol looking for food.

Purple Beauties

Feeding Frenzy

The Koi fish always know where to find a handout.

Daylily 1

Delicate coloring and water drops.

A Quiet Spot

Combining plantings, rocks, and forms to create a quiet area.

Double Bloom

Includes a "fly" visitor.

Contrasting Forms

Tall against short.


Falling Water

A quiet area with the sounds of water falling.

Blazing Red

Peaceful Island

Surrounded by water.

Island Tree

The form of this tree on the island is interesting.

Dragon Fly

Something kept attracting this dragon fly back to the same rock.

Fall Colors in Spring

The color of the leaves reminded us of autumn even though is was late spring.

Spring Color

Close up of the colored leaves.


The hydrangea were also in bloom.

Leaning Tree

The lean reminds us of the shape of some trees in West Texas.


The magnolia trees were in bloom.

Moon Bridge

The moon bridge is almost a necessity for any Japanese garden.

Prickly Pear

The prickly pear cactus was in bloom. Have never seen such fat spines. Perhaps this was result of recent rains.

Small Waterfall

Found in a corner of the garden by the exit.

Purple Coneflower

I know the flower is purple and Linda tells me it is a coneflower.

Soothing Water Sounds

Soothing sound of water over rocks.

Thirsty Squirrel

We were waiting for the Koi to visit this squirrel but they never did.

White Flower

Unknown variety. Perhaps a variety of hollyhock.

Water Pipe

A slow drip but the jar was full.

Water Lilies

Found these blooming also.

White Columbine

This was very late blooming for columbine.



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