John Henry Fulton migrated from Germany to the United States.  Unfortunately, Fulton was not his real surname.  He changed his surname to Fulton when he entered the country.  When we started this genealogy project on the Fulton family, no one currently living had ever heard what John Henry's given surname was.  In addition, there were no hard facts regarding the surname of John Henry's wife.  Only the oral family legend that Ann Lobenious(?) and her sister Elizabeth migrated to the United States on the same boat as John Henry - this is where the couple met although they were clearly married in Menard County Illinois.  Thus we have our "stone wall" for this family and have only been able to discover descendants of John and Ann but no hard facts for the ancestors of either.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our investigative efforts to document the descendants of John Henry and Ann Fulton of Menard County Illinois.

Many thanks go to the living descendants of this couple for sharing their knowledge of the family and stories which helped to add substance to the facts uncovered.

Descendants of John Henry Fulton


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