This trip to Oregon/Washington was planned to see family and visitors from Italy.  We met in Seattle and drove together to a rented resort style condo in Seaside, Oregon - an Oregon coast resort area since the 1930's.  Pictures of the resort, family, and the beach just outside the building can be found here.

The weekend we were in Seaside coincided with a hot rod show.  It was really enjoyable to walk along the streets and see restored (and souped up) cars from the past.  (Warning:  If you follow the link to pictures of this event you will mainly see 1954 - 1959 cars - mostly Chevrolet.  The deep psychological reason for this is we had a 1956 Chevy at the time and this represents my high school years (1955 - 1959) when cars became an important part of my consciousness.)  The pictures are here.


We had the opportunity to do a little sight seeing along the Oregon coast south of Seaside.  It was a cloudy blustery day but we made the best of it.  Pictures from this jaunt can be found here.


On the return trip from Oregon we detoured to spend a little time at Mt. St. Helen.  It has been 23 years since the volcano erupted there but the results of the eruption are still quite evident.  Again it was not the best weather for this trip (we got rained on when we finally made it to the observation area nearest the mountain) so the photographic results are less than spectacular.  The pictures are here.

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